E-Cig Parts

How Do the Electronic Cigarette Parts Work?

While there are only two e-cig parts, that’s still one more part than the traditional tobacco cigarette. Understanding how the different ecig parts operate and work together is vital to the success of your e-cigarette experience. Read on to find out how both e-cig parts, the battery and the cartridge, work together to create your personal vaporizer.

E-Cig Batteries

E-Cig Parts: Batteries - A Power House

When understanding electronic cigarette parts, the battery is simplest part of the equation. The battery is where your power comes from - just like the battery in your car, phone or any other electronic device. Like most batteries, our e-cig battery is a lithium-ion battery. It provides power to the heating mechanism in the cartridge that creates the vapor you inhale and exhale.

E-Cig CartridgeE-Cig Parts: Cartridges - It's Heat, not a Flame

The Cartridge is the most complex portion of the two e-cig parts. It contains a chamber that holds the nicotine that has been dissolved in propylene glycol. The cartridge also contains a heating coil that is activated only when the cartridge is screwed into the battery and the cartridge is inhaled, by pressing to the lips, simultaneously. While inhaling, the liquid nicotine is heated up and vaporized so that what you inhale and exhale is a vapor, not a smoke. This makes the evaporation of the vapor easy and there is no lingering smoke.

E-Cigarette Parts: Components

There are other components to both ecig parts that help to elevate the experience. In addition to the e-cigarette parts already discussed, these dynamic technical features are an essential part of our brand. There is an LED tip at the end of your e-cig battery casing that will activate and light up when you inhale on the e-cig. One of the many reasons that make our Metro brand ecig parts so unique is the high-end battery designs. You’ll find various color and pattern options available for the METRO e-cig battery, allowing for a more personalized design. In addition we offer two delicious e-cig flavors, traditional and menthol, and four different strength options.

For help choosing the right strength for your new vaping experience, read our How to Choose Your E-Cig Cartridge Strength page.

For tips on properly inhaling your e-cigarette, without causing throat or lung irritation, see our How to Inhale/Vape an Electronic Cigarette page.

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