Metro Designer Pack Camo

With a very realistic camouflage pattern, this CAMO E-Cig Designer Pack is designed to fit the needs of every avid hunter or outdoors-man, or even woman!

Kit Includes:
- (1) Camouflage Patterned Rechargeable Battery
- (1) USB Charger
- (1) CAMO Secure Clasping Carrying Case

The case is designed to hold one full sized METRO Electronic Cigarette (with cartridge attached to the battery), one USB charger and two extra cartridges*.

*No Cartridges Included in the Designer Pack

  • Category: Designer Packs
  • Brand: METRO
  • $12.99

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"I had tried [ecigs] before, but nothing worked for me until the METRO E-cig! For over a year now, I sure enjoy my "vaping"!"

- BJ Puckett McIntosh

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